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Anne Godin

4429 Edmond St.

Hanmer, ON P3P 1B6

T: 705-562-5186

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our bath and body products.  Everything is handmade and produced in my home.  We currently do not have a retail location but you can purchase some of our products from the businesses listed below.

Retail locations

True North made - New Sudbury Shopping Center.

Maple Acre Farms - 7b Woodward Ave. Blind River, ON

The Nickel Refillery - 227 Regent St. Sudbury

Ramakko's - 2345 Regent St. Sudbury, ON

Float Pod Spa - 1001 Lasalle Blvd. Unit 3, Sudbury, ON

Simplicity Natural foods - 123 Tudhope st. Espanola, ON

I will be at the market at Science north every Saturday starting in October 2021 and returning to the outside market on York and Paris in May 2022.  Thursdays from 2-6 until the end of September.

If you are interested in purchasing bath and body products wholesale for your business please contact me at the email above. 

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